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I watched Into The Wild last night.  I enjoyed it, but also found it deeply disturbing... it gave me some whacked out dreams.
I need to be around a lot of people today to counterbalance it.



I'm trying out my lj app on the new phone. let's see if it's awesome or not....


My birthday is coming up, and since last year's weekend extravaganza was so much fun, I'm doing it again.

Friday night: post rehearsal happy hour.
Saturday night: SnB.
Sunday night: game night!

Usually Sundays are SnB, but I think that C might actually be home on Sunday (he's always on tour for my birthday, so I never get to see him.)... so I tried to plan it so he could attend.


In other news, I might be getting a house for my birthday!  The offer that we put in a few weeks ago was a multiple offer, and they went with the other offer, but I just heard that that one fell through, so my offer is back on the table.  Fingers crossed... it would be a better present than a pony!

theater review: The Scottsboro Boys

aflamingstar and I saw The Scottsboro Boys at the G last night.

Note to self: see every touring show that comes through the G, because the track record (first Brief Encounter, now SB) is amazing.

Seriously... the show was stunning.  It was harsh, and confronting, and desperate.  It made me cry. 
It reminded me of The Minstrel Show, that was at the History Theater a few years back.  Very similar (minstrel show motif to illuminate our history of racism), but ramped up to 11.  I think the only thing that made The Minstrel Show better was that it was closer to home.  (SB was about a false rape accusation in Alabama in the 30s, MS was about a lynching in the 50s in Duluth).

And holy crap balls, the performers are mind-blowing.  Especially the 13 year old tap dancing, soprano-singing kid.  *is bowled over*

If you at all have the time/means, you should see this show.

5 out of 5 stars.

Hey look, it's Ben!!

I know I've been incredibly lax in my postings... it's been a big month.  I'll update soon, I promise.

In the meantime, another friend has joined us in the sandbox!

You should friend cranial_zipper .  He's a good peep.


a bit

The best kind of board meeting is the kind where I get to report on grant awards AND we get a new board member.


For some insane reason i have the afternoon off.  I think I'm going to eat a hot dog and knit in front of some Netflix streaming.  Then it's Kris's graduation party.    Excellent.

That is all.



We got a grant!
$10,000 from MRAC for Shrew and Dido.


Now, it sounds like a big chunk of change, but once you spread it out over two shows, 50 artists, a brand spankin' new advertising budget and another brand spankin' new ADA access plan (audio description and ASL interpretation) it doesn't go that far.  We still need to be frugal and pragmatic, but it is certainly the breathing room we need.

Thanks especially to Amber and Shelly, who were instrumental in helping me write it.

I knew it was a fucking amazing grant.  I KNEW it.


10 reasons why my life is great

1.  Today I picked up a pair of red men's bikini underwear at Target for the costume design for Traveling Light.  Because they go down to their skivvies.

2.  I am spending my afternoon watching Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin movies to find example clips of classic western clowning for next week's commedia class.  I am also bringing Loony Tunes (for Whiteface/Auguste) and the Simpsons (for Punch & Judy), just because that's awesome.

3.  The library I'm teaching at on Saturday is in Staples, 2.5 hours directly on the way to Bemidji, where C is performing in Biloxi Blues, which I will continue on to see that night.

4.  I came up with a great Father's Day present on the fly (knitted bookmark... since he mentioned the doctor has ordered lots of R&R and reading).

5.  I dropped the TL postcards off at the mail center, and both USPS employees I talked to are now coming to see the show.

6.  I'm watching youtube clips of High School Musical, Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast to learn the choreography for my upcoming 'Dancing with Disney" class.  Yes.  You read that right.  I'll be teaching We're All In This Together to 1st graders.

7.  I've got whiskey in the cupboard.

8.  My swapped Jaggerspun Zephyr came yesterday, at the exact same time as my Amazon orders: French Girl Knits and Fitted Knits, which, due to a CC promotion, were essentially free.

9. The combat class I co-taught earlier this week was awesome, and the coordinator sent an email to my boss telling her how 'organized, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic' we were.

10.  Did I mention I'll be seeing C on Saturday?

This just in:

I've figured out Shrew in a way that fits with my directorial AND feminist sensibilities.
directorial natterCollapse )


rainy day means getting work done

I get to spend all of today in my pajamas.  Which, considering the weather, is pretty much a perfect pairing.

I've got some ongoing goals that I'm working at, so it's not all kitty snuggles and knitting.

1. Pro Rata is transferring our banking software from Quicken to Quickbooks.  And by Pro Rata, I mean me.  Single line item by single line item.  Assigning each a class and category, and setting up vendors and employees and donors.  And I have to learn this new software as I go.  It's slow going.  But I am determined to prevail, and when this process is done, we will have a much clearer picture that make our financially minded board members very happy.  Thankfully, we're starting with FY2010, so I don't have to do a decade of this.  Just six months.   I spent another couple of hours on it this morning, and have made it up to closing of Spanish Tragedy, which means I'm almost done!

2.  Shrew research.  I worked through 3 books yesterday.  If I can get through three a day I will be done by the time my summer classes get into swing.  I also need to go through the cutting and fix punctuation, and I've tasked myself at least one scene (preferably one act) per day to get it done by summer classes.

3.  Hitch.  I'm down to 10 hitchcock movies left.  This has been a great experience to really understand who he was as a director, and I think I'm going to do it with the other 'top 25 most influential directors of all time' as well.  Just for funsies.

4.  Tartuffe.  I want to get the auditions sides squared away soon, because that will be auditioning pretty much during tech week of Shrew, and I don't want to deal with it when I'm focusing on Shew.  Must get on that.


So the plan for the afternoon is some Shrew research, some punctuation work, a Hitch, and then I'm indulging in the last disk of Carnivale season 1, all paired with Blueberry Streusel, which I made yesterday.  Excellent.